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Jacci McGhee, the renowned singer and performer, recently delivered a mesmerizing stage performance that left the audience in awe. With her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, McGhee showcased her exceptional talent and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed her performance. In addition to her extraordinary live performance, McGhee also participated in a stunning photo shoot that captured her beauty and elegance in a series of breathtaking images. Let us delve into the details of both her captivating stage performance and her stunning photo shoot that showcases her unique talent and beauty.

Jacci McGhee Music
Jacci McGhee
Jacci McGhee Music

New Singles

Jacci McGhee - Riches Of The World - Remix

Riches Of The World (Ft. Chubb Rock)

Jacci McGhee’s latest remix with featuring rapper “Chubb Rock”, “Riches Of The World,”
The song’s powerful message is further amplified by its compelling musical arrangement. The blend of R&B and hip-hop elements creates a melodic backdrop that supports the song’s emotional depth. The soulful instrumentation and poignant lyrics evoke a sense of introspection and contemplation, drawing listeners into the complex narrative of the sacrifices that accompany fame. Both McGhee and Chubb Rock bring their own unique perspectives to “Riches Of The World.” They shed light on the inherent loneliness and sense of detachment that fame can bring, regardless of the material wealth it may provide. The song serves as a reminder that external success does not always equate to internal happiness and fulfillment.

Jacci McGhee - Time And Time


Jacci McGhee’s “Time And Time” takes us on a journey to the golden era of R&B in the 90s. With its smooth melodies, soulful vocals, and infectious rhythm, this song captures the essence of a time when music was all about heartfelt emotions and groovy beats. McGhee’s powerful vocals effortlessly soar over the nostalgic instrumentals, creating a captivating listening experience that will make you feel like you’re in the midst of a 90s dance party. It’s a blast to the past that will leave you craving for more!
Jacci McGhee - Riches Of The World

Riches Of The World

Jacci McGhee’s latest song, “Riches Of The World,” serves as a powerful reminder that success and fame are not always as glamorous as they may seem. This catchy tune delves deep into the hidden struggles and challenges that famous individuals face, uncovering the darker side of their seemingly perfect lives. Through her soul-stirring vocals, McGhee effortlessly portrays the overwhelming pressure, loneliness, and sacrifices that come hand in hand with fame. With each note, she vividly paints a picture of the haunting reality that lurks behind the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Jacci McGhee - If This World Were Mine

If This World Were Mine

In a world where love is often portrayed superficially, Jacci McGhee’s “If This World Were Mine” serves as a refreshing reminder of the power and beauty of true love. With its heartfelt melodies and soulful lyrics, this enchanting love anthem captivates listeners, transporting them to a place where love reigns supreme. Whether you’re experiencing the euphoria of new love or reminiscing about cherished memories, “If This World Were Mine” is sure to leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Jacci McGhee - Expanded Edition

Jacci McGhee – Expanded Edition

Jacci McGhee’s return to the spotlight is a cause for celebration. Her iconic 90s melodies have resurfaced, reminding us of a time when music had an undeniable charm and rhythm. Through her music, Jacci continues to captivate audiences with her soulful voice and timeless hits. So, let’s embrace this blast from the past and groove into nostalgia as we rediscover the magic of Jacci McGhee’s music all over again!

About Me

Jacci McGhee Music
Jacci McGhee Music
Jacci McGhee Music

Her power-packed voice is undeniable.   Her distinct delivery is recognizable.  And after a little more than a decade, Jacci McGhee returns with a new single and her signature sound on the heart-wrenching R&B ballad, “If This World Were Mine.”

Best known for her belted-out duet with Keith Sweat on the hit song of the 1980s, “Make It Last Forever,” Jacci has returned, from a self-admitted dark place to her passion and gift of singing.

Actoress & Model

Jacci McGhee’s talents transcend boundaries, making her a prominent performer in multiple entertainment mediums. Her ability to seamlessly transition between stage, video, and movies is a testament to her incredible range and versatility as an actress. Whether she is captivating a live theater audience, mesmerizing viewers in a music video, or delivering a captivating performance on the big screen, McGhee’s talent knows no bounds.